Keeping the "ahhh..." in Authentic

Please, follow us, for a moment as we go back to the humble beginnings of our proud history. We journey back to a rustic Mediterranean village, in the mountains of Lebanon, set in a landscape of rolling hills, fresh water streams, and countryside blanketed in groves and vineyards.

We find ourselves in a village home, encompassed in olive trees, grape vines, and rows of tomato, eggplant, and herbs. Tended by a compassionate man, Fouad Hanna, who, with a farmers hand and delicate palate, harvested fresh and ripe ingredients, with which he and his wife, Nadia, prepared staple dishes for their children.

Time passes, and we find Fouad developing his recipes and dishes within his restaurant. It is here that his devoted passions are made real; to share the most authentic dishes with everyone, and to do so with the care and love he provided for his very own family.

As the story continues, the Hanna family find themselves in the United States, where they find great opportunity to share with their new neighbors the very essence of their home and culture.

It is here that one son, Toufic, has great ambitions to introduce the utmost in real cuisine to his new home in the New England region. Accompanied by his brothers Abdallah, John, and Ziad, they express the same dedication and passion demonstrated by their father. And so, a company is born, Riverside Specialty Foods, whose foundation is built with the strength of family and tradition.

So please, join us now, as our family works together every day to provide the very best in authentic Mediterranean flavor. Experience the best cuisine provided by three generations of love and passion for good food.