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About Us:

Where are you based out of?

We are family owned and operated business originally started in New Hampshire with manufacturing and distributing facilities located in Massachusetts.

How may we contact you?

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Chick Peas


About Product:

Why do you spell it "H-O-M-M-U-S" ?

Hommus is a very old word with origins in Middle Eastern languages, its meaning is translated directly to "Chick Pea," and the various forms of spelling are derived from regional connotation. Rest assured, the very best hommus you can buy is spelled "J-O-S-E-P-H-S."

Is there tahini in Joseph's hommus?

Yes, after chick peas, tahini is the second most important ingredient in any true hommus recipe. Tahini is a fine paste made of ground sesame seeds.

Are Joseph's products gluten-free?

Our entire hommus line is gluten free, and labeled accordingly. Though some of our salads may be gluten free we cannot label them so as they are prepared on a line with salads that do contain wheat. Please be sure to carefully read all labels and lists of ingredients before enjoying our products. Other possible allergens to any parties may include soy or dairy products found in some of our dips and spreads.

Why is Joseph's hommus the best?

We truly believe in maintaining our products' quality and providing the very best in nutrition without sacrificing taste.

We love what we do, and we're pleased to offer the very best to you.